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AllStar JR Lyrics

Get A Bag Radio Interview 2
this track by AllStar JR features Ahmad Davis

[Ahmad Davis:]
Bro I don’t know if it’s because you got the waves
That look like you Dominican or something
That old curly top or the clothes you be wearing
But you might be the only rapper that has female fans like an R&B nigga
[Allstar JR]
That shit be on the flo’
[Ahmad Davis:]
We done seen videos of women
Acting crazy at your shows
Grabbing at your belt buckle
Some of the baddest IG models in the world
Following you commenting on your pics
What do you think it is
That keep women so drawn to you
[Allstar JR]
I mean like shit
I think I’m just a cool nigga
For real for real
[Ahmad Davis]
Also a lot people what just to know your current situation
Man like are you with any of your baby mother’s?
Are you single, are you dating? Tell us what’s going?
It’s like you know it’s like hybrid shit going on, you feel me?
Like I’m single, it’s a lot of commotion but it ain’t like no negative shit. I’m just really focused on doing this shit
It’s a crowd but I gotta stand out situation
I’m rocking with i’m just pushing on this work shit for real for real she know who she is
That’s who stand out amongst the crowd

Focused on this work shit for real for real
But she eweee

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Songwriter (s): Ahmad Davis & AllStar JR

project: Organized Crime 2 (2023)
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