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Big Boogie Lyrics

Twelve Four
this is a track by Big Boogie

(Red, this ho so fuckin’ bumpin’, bro)
I’m Big Dude
Big business
Ha, brr
Mhm, you know I pop my shit all I want to, nigga, I’m rich as fuck right now, nigga (Phew, phew, phew, phew)
I’m Big Dude
I talk my shit because I’m chosen (Chosen)
I can pop my shit, but I’m humble because I’m golden (Golden)
AP, that bitch light up like Christmas, status done froze me (Frrt, frrt, right arm)
I took off right in they face, them lil’ bitches be nosy (Shew)
Any ex that played, fuck ’em, feed ’em beans, it’s over with (It’s over with)
She can’t never look my way again, new bitch be loaded (Loaded)
I got rich and showed it at concerts, KJ gon’ hold me (Lil’ cuz)
Pinky ring like butter, baby spent ten on Pinocchio (Phew, phew, right hand)
Baby, I’m so high, my brain’s so fried, I can’t renew it (Renew it)
I used to fuck with niggas I grew up with, they blew it (Ah, fuck them)
So sprung off that Kush, that shit so strong, sometimes, I chew it (That woota)
Bad bitch in that Maybach, bend over, that pussy Jewish (Bend that)
Biggest flex is loyal pussy, mhm, them be the noise (Noise)
Blicky on the stage when I’m rockin’, they don’t even know it (Brr)
Members got them glees in they skinnys, they don’t even show ’em (They don’t even show ’em)
Every opp’ that fly strange in the sky, we don’t even grow ’em (We don’t even grow ’em)
Scat Pack so wide, sitting bowleg, that bitch roarin’ (Roar)
What you know about wreckin’ foreigns on purpose, still don’t tow ’em (Roarin’)
Seventeen cars, all black, sittin’ up all on Forgies (Mine)
Kicked the bitch out of Frayser, call me out my name now she back to normal (On Watkins)
She gon’ give me top, and it drops, she not borin’ (Not borin’)
You can do me nasty all you want, baby, I’m yours (Yeah)
Baby, this that Baccarat, I’m not normal (Grown man)
Shoot that club up, “Fah, fah, fah, fah,” I’m performin’ (Ah)
Opps skinny, they need to eat somethin’ (They need to eat somethin’)
My old teacher front row my shows, think I just seen one (I just seen one)
You see these chains around my neck? All of ’em mean somethin’ (Eight hundred)
We go on missions, everybody die, don’t breathe nothin’ (Don’t breathe nothin’)
Everybody bleed somethin’ (Frrr)
My lil’ bitch gon’ beat somethin’ (She gon’ beat somethin’)
I told her, “Beat her, then come spread it,” let me beat somthin’ (Let me beat somethin’)
My red bitch get in her feelings when she don’t John (When see don’t see daddy)
I fuck with her, told her, “Lay back, bae, let me eat somethin’” (Let me slurp somethin’)
My brown bitch the golden dancer, let me see somethin’ (Bounce that ass)
Bounce that ass for daddy, ride dick ’til my feet jump (‘Til my feet jump)
Jump in the SRT, three hundred (Skrrt), bet I leave somethin’ (Yeah, I vroom)
I’m that nigga, now, look bitch, I don’t need nothin’ (I’m Big Dude)
Ho, slow down, speed bump
She gon’ give me top in the drop, she not borin’ (Mm)
You can do me nasty all you want, baby, I’m yours
Baby, this that Baccarat, I’m not normal (Mm)
Shoot that club up, “Fah, fah, fah, fah”, I’m performin’
I’m Big Dude

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Songwriter (s): Big Boogie & RealRed

Big Boogie — who is signed to Yo Gotti’s CMG label — was reportedly one of those arrested. The report claims he was in a caravan heading to the Biloxi Zodiac nightclub ahead of a concert set to start at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday night.

project: Definition Of BigDude (2023)


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