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Bizzy Banks Lyrics

this is a track by Bizzy Banks

Get Money (Get Money)
Bizzy (Grrah)
I cannot beef wit’ niggas I don’t know (At all)
Forever Drizzy, you know how it go (Facts)
How you a shooter? You don’t got a pole (Grrah)
You know how many niggas I done zoe? (Grrah, grrah)
You know how many niggas I see fall?
Guess how many bullets sent your ho
Always wit’ Nina, me and my bitch ghost (I’m ghost)
How you a gangsta? When I see you froze (Like), wait
Uh, okay, okay, okay
He say he gon’ spin through my block, I’m like, “Okay, okay, okay”
I ain’t trippin’, I do drugs, I be posted wit’ my gang
If that shit start gettin’ hot, just know I’m goin’ MIA, like (Facts)
Who that? Blam him, two straps, cannons
Move tact’, cameras, don’t lack and I swear niggas not wit’ the shits
Bando took two, he got ‘nough wit’ the shits (Facts)
Walk up, we do not flock out the whip
2022, we ain’t boxin’ and shit, look
Head tap cause damage
We outside, don’t panic
Fake thugs can’t stand it
I keep a Glock, I am not into dancin’
Bitch, I’m a [?], I am not for the antics
Don’t ask me questions, I don’t got the answers
Like, ha-ha, okay, okay, okay
Okay, okay, okay, he say he gon’ spin through my–
I’m like, “Okay, okay, okay”
Still in the hood, I got motions (Motions)
I need a TD and ‘OA
They askin’ me not to zoe them
I’m like, “Okay, okay, okay”
Back on the block, I’m chillin’ (Chillin’)
How you drill rap? You ain’t drillin’ (Drillin’), uh
Walk in the spot like [?]
‘Cause they be just sayin’, “Ooh, kill him”
You know I’m keepin’ it P (P)
She wanna fuck with a G (G), uh
She said that nigga over there is sauced
So she started fuckin’ wit’ me, uh, like
Yeah, okay, okay, okay
She want some money for her nails and shit
Okay, okay, okay
She askin’ me for Chanel and shit
Okay, okay, okay
She gettin’ wet off how I smell and shit
Okay, okay, okay, like
Okay, okay, okay, like
Okay, okay, okay, uh
Rrah-rrah, rrah-rrah
Rrah-rrah, rrah-rrah
Rrah-rrah, rrah-rrah

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Songwriter (s): Bizzy Banks


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