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Masterkraft, Dr Flourish Peters, MVP and Logic Sound Lyrics

Masterkraft ends the year in grand style by releasing ‘Blessings’ featuring, Dr Flourish Peters, MVP and Logic Sound, read the song’s lyrics below.Masterkraft, Dr Flourish Peters, MVP & Logic Sound – Blessings LyricsI am fruitful
I flourish, excel and prosper
In all that I do
Nothing is against me
Nothing dies in my hand
I am never stranded
All things are working together
For my good
God loves me more than the devil hates me
Speak this Word
Grace is working
Shout GloryE don tay no be today
Grace don dey clear my way
‘Cause you dey with me always
Na why my matter dey different
I no go ever lack supply
My economy na different grade
And if everything fades away
Still my faith no fit shake oEven in the darkness
I go still shine
Everything dey crumble
My own go different
Under the pressure
I dey still rise
I see blessing
‘Cause I am blessed
Even in recession
I no go feel am
I dey operate on another level
In every season I dey increase
I see blessing
‘Cause I am blessedI no need promo
Oil dey my head
I go always be the best
Nothing go fit stop me
Na God carry my matter for him head
E don Finish, E don finish, E don finish workOh blessings
Oh blessings
Oh I see blessing
‘Cause I am blessed
‘Cause I am blessed
‘Cause I am blessedEverywhere I go they call me blessing
Only you dey handle my parole now
It’s going I no dey slow down
I’m on a roll now
I’m not cursed no more
Everywhere I go they call me blessing
Grace is working for me now
Aka chukwu dey for my head o
I’m one a roll now
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