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DThang & DJ Drama Lyrics

Die In The Streets
this is a track by DThang & DJ Drama

[Intro: DThang & DJ Drama]
(Gang, gang, gang)
Ain’t nothin’ but a DThang
Ayo, free my hearts (D)
Free my risk-takers (J)
Free my niggas, nigga, like what? (Drama)
(They know what’s goin’ on)
[Verse: DThang]
I said I’m smokin’ on dead opps
Tryna cruise through the X, tryna see what they on
And shorty a dead thot (Huh?)
Said I fucked her one time, now she fiendin’ for more, like—
And we got them knockers, like— (So who really ready for war?)
Better not lack when you walk out that door
Said stacks over thirty, he ready to score (Baow, baow, baow)
And they do it for clout, like— (And they do it for clout)
But don’t die over clout (At all)
Slide to the [?], still make an announcement
If they not on they block, we gon’ go to they house, like— (We gon’ go to they house)
‘Cause they know that we dangerous (Like, huh?)
They gotta slide with a mask, ’cause they know that we fame
Told bro “Don’t stop this aimin’” (Grrah, grrah, boom)
‘Cause when I get the .9, I’m just feelin’ so anxious
I swear, I be itchin’ to flame it
On the dick, you get level for six, watch me lace it
You can not stop for the low (At all)
And we heard he got bent, so we kicked down his door
She ain’t smart, she be fiendin’ for more
I said “Scream RPT”, you gon’ get in my drawers (RPT)
FTO, we don’t fuck with no oppers (At all)
I was droppin’ the ceilin’ and now I got bands
Since thirteen, I’ve been totin’ my chopper
Went from noodles to pop out in steak and some lobster
Know RPT niggas problems (RPT)
And no, I ain’t stoppin’ ’til they fill my problems (Grrah, grrah)
Oh, he smokin’ on what? We gon’ solve ’em
I told bae, “Don’t keep showin’ these bullets, can’t dodge ’em”
They know how we fuck up the streets (They fuck up the streets)
On our way to the top, they know I got some meat
You think I level, like what do you mean? (What do you mean?)
I can’t lie, her shit wet, try to fuck up my sheets (Ayy)
And these niggas keep thinkin’ shit sweet (Like what?)
Told ’em “Pick up a gun, no more dissin’, let’s link”
Got shot on they block for a week (Like what?)
And the first one we see, he gon’ die in the streets (Baow)

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Songwriter (s): DThang, DJ Drama & French Montana

Tyree Cinque Simmons, professionally known as DJ Drama, is an American DJ, record executive and music promoter. He is the co-founder of Generation Now, an Atlantic Records imprint with artists including Lil Uzi Vert, Jack Harlow, and Skeme on its roster.

Karim Kharbouch, better known by his stage name French Montana, is a Moroccan-American rapper. Born and raised in Morocco, he emigrated to the United States with his family when he was 13. He is the founder of Coke Boys Records and its predecessor Cocaine City Records

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