Is Chainsaw Man Over or Still Ongoing?

Chainsaw Man Over Still Going?

Now that the Chainsaw Man animated series has debuted on streaming platform Crunchyroll, people new to the story are wondering if the manga series is based on has come to an end. There have been controversies surrounding the series and rumors that it will be canceled in the US, so has the Chainsaw Man manga ended or is it still going on? The answer is a bit more complicated than you think.

Has the Chainsaw Man manga finished? Is it over or still going?

The Chainsaw Man manga is still ongoing, but it’s different from what you might expect. Part 1 came to readers in 2018, going through 97 issues before coming to an end in December 2020. Season 2 then started earlier this year (July 2022) and now fans are eagerly awaiting the release date of Chapter 108 of Chainsaw Man. If it follows the same release schedule as Part 1, we can read Part 2 until 2024/2025.What’s interesting, however, is that the end of Part 1 ended Denji’s story. Chainsaw Man Part 2 actually introduced a new protagonist, in a different setting. Fortunately, this is not a decision made as a way to get cash. Indeed, writer Tatsuki Fujimoto revealed (via BFMTV) in March 2022 that he planned this story in advance, as did Denji’s.Those new to the Chainsaw Man manga can not only enjoy the 97 chapters available in Part 1, as well as the 10 existing chapters of Part 2, but can also enjoy a light novel called Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories, launched between part 1 and the part 2. The book follows the four original stories, focusing on Denji and Power, and although it’s currently only available in Japanese, it will be released in English in the summer of 2023, with pre-orders available. on Amazon showing the release date July 25, 2023.


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