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this track by John Cale features Sylvan Esso

The Grandeur that was Europe
Is sinking in the mud
The savagery that was the Church of God
Has already joined the club
The melody that was language
Was the hook that caught the fish
Did you realize how late it was
Later than you think
I’m sleeping, sleeping, sleeping
And time is standing still
The roses in the garden are growing in the rain
Competing with the poppy for the sun
It’s Christmas in the wilderness, spring time in Japan
Monsoons happening everywhere, even in your backyard
I don’t want to hear about heartache or dancing in the snow
We’ve all been there, so many times before

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Songwriter (s): Sylvan Esso & John Cale

John Davies Cale OBE (born 9 March 1942) is a Welsh musician, composer, singer, songwriter and record producer who was a founding member of the American rock band the Velvet Underground. Over his six-decade career, Cale has worked in various styles across rock, drone, classical, avant-garde and electronic music


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