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Life, The Universe, And Everything
this is a track by Lincoln

Fly me to the moon
I want to play among your stars
Let me see your face
And know how old you really are
To think I’d have never wanted
Anything to do
To think I’d have never wanted
Anything to do with you
And I’m sorry that I caused all this
Felt like all they’d let me say
Soon I’ll have just turned 22
But the whole year felt like one long day
Would I still be angry
If I’d never misbehaved?
And are questions all I’ll ever really
Have to say?
Here is you at my age
And me at 42
Before you even knew my world
Its meaning somehow laid in you
No longer funny how time goes
Things seem to happen all at once
The river appears to stop its flow
If you stare at it for months
So I stared
Then little human monkey boy
Lost voice screaming at phone
Figured he’d do the song tonight
Just as soon as he got home
What better place to start from than alone?
Let’s tell the neighbors everything they need to know
I thought my dad’s teeth were disgusting
But god now look at me
If you shun the nonbeliever
Eventually he’ll see
Everyone I’ve ever met is me
Good times that I cannot remember
Bad times I cannot forget
So when somebody claims to know me
It’s hard not to ask them if they’ll bet
Because there is something I have never even met
That sits around and calls itself Lincoln

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Songwriter (s): Jonathan Hugh Quarmby, Sharon W G Kovacs

Lincoln was an American alternative rock band consisting of four members: Chris Temple, Gonzalo Martinez de la Cotera, Danny Weinkauf, and Dan Miller. They were based in New York City. The band broke up in 1998 after releasing only one album, Lincoln.


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