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Oh Lord
this is a track by Lincoln

Only for a moment, I was free from all desire
There was no one left to save me but myself and I was high
When I came down from heaven I could hardly feel the fire
Found the perfect spot to stand, I had to walk for miles
God isn’t dead
God isn’t dead
So keep Buckminster manifesting that
Secret makes a triangle with sacred and profane
Nothing is the only fact and title of the game
At six I tried to pray, memory is hazy
But what I was talking to feels real now and I feel imaginary
God isn’t dead
But it hasn’t been born yet
God isn’t dead
So keep Buckminster manifesting that
Glory on them they said ’cause the part of me that wants to die is only yearning to transcend
That’s why nothing makes me happy, it made me part of me again
Every little escape you can take
Will lead you all to another cage
The shape and the colour might change
But it’s always the same

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Songwriter (s): Lincoln

Lincoln was an American alternative rock band consisting of four members: Chris Temple, Gonzalo Martinez de la Cotera, Danny Weinkauf, and Dan Miller. They were based in New York City. The band broke up in 1998 after releasing only one album, Lincoln.


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