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Lincoln & Penelope Scott Lyricd

Baby Take My Acid
this is a track by Lincoln & Penelope Scott

If you’re the only thing that’s changed
How is it you’re all that feels familiar
If you’re not doing anything
Can you still call it trying to get better?
There are days it almost feels
Like I might be myself again
Wouldn’t be your biggest transformation
But it’d be the most difficult one yet
So I’ve been trying to write songs
You’d think were good
Feels like they always come out wrong
I’d admitted to you
Something I thought I had regretted
When you said that I looked sad
I thought that you meant it like pathetic
And every explanation to myself
Of any glimmers of hope
Start sounding suspiciously
Like any (every) other lie I’ve ever told
Do I just know myself too well?
I’m almost positive I don’t
You can’t force yourself to dream
Baby, take my acid
I think you need it more than me
I could be gone this time tomorrow
So could you
I guess we’ll see
Eventually everybody ends up
Where the river meets the sea
But I never wanted to be famous
So at least that’s one good thing

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Songwriter (s): Penelope Scott & Lincoln

Lincoln was an American alternative rock band consisting of four members: Chris Temple, Gonzalo Martinez de la Cotera, Danny Weinkauf, and Dan Miller. They were based in New York City. The band broke up in 1998 after releasing only one album, Lincoln.


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