Little Simz – Sideways Lyrics

Little Simz Sideways Lyrics – Sideways track from Little Simz (2022) “NO THANK YOU” Album. Sideways Song lyrics written by Little Simz, Inflo, Cleo Sol and Produced by Inflo. The song was released on 12 December, 2022.

Sideways Lyrics

YeahToxic people get removed from where I’m stayin’Trust me you can’t leave with that same energy you came withI been on psychedelics, injected and pop pillsJust to get to where my spirit naturally is, pardon the kidThey say black don’t crackMy complexion is iridescentA student might be the one to school you on many lessonsYou ain’t seen the type of shit that I haveWhen you men have your daughters you’ll see how important that I amNo cappin’ in these scriptures, if I’m lying, I’m dyingI might serenade myself, sweet melodies hitting like a ton of bricksYou follow to fashion me while I was on some other shit, on some distant lover shitHeating up the oven quickSeeing what we’re doing over here will have you jumping shipRight now this ain’t music one overlooksSo when doing that you must be as dumb as you lookIts funnyI find it funny our relationship with moneyWe already mentally spent the damn checkThat’s what happens when you don’t know when you’ll get the bag nextHmm, yeahYeah, here we backLook, don’t get too attached to the version that you’re seeing’Cause friends come and go like the change in the seasonsDeShaun, that’s my nigga, its forever all love’Cause we don’t diss each other even when we disagree andI’m ready to become all I believe inThe devil can’t illuminate my beingWhen god is omnipresent, overseeingI’m taking notes from every book I’m readingI didn’t know the word no could be so freeingRespectfully, you ain’t got a check for meOnly I know how I feel, and what’s best for meEventually they’ll get that I’m here as a vesselStop playin’ with god and your destinyI am everything they never was, never meant to beI’m a queen in my seat I got royal life tendenciesWalkin’ in my light, my shadow is protecting meNever moving sideways, I done this shit my wayAnd I say

Details About Sideways Song

Song Title: SidewaysArtist: Little SimzWritten By: Little Simz, Inflo & Cleo SolProduced By: InfloRelease Date: December 12, 2022Music Label: AGE 101 Music & AWAL

Knowledge & Facts

Sideways” track from “NO THANK YOU” album by British rapper Little Simz, and this album is Little Simz’s first album in 2022.There are total 10 tracks in NO THANK YOU album, was released on 12 December, 2022.


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