Changes Lyrics Lil Durk: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Changes” from the Album The Voice sung by Lil Durk. This song is produced by AyeTM. Changes Lyrics Lil Durk

Changes Lyrics Lil Durk


Wakin’ up to gunshots, tonight, I wasn’t scared
Cruisin’ ’round the trenches, ain’t no trappin’ if you scared
They gotta see you killin’, it won’t matter if you see it
It doesn’t make a difference if you alive or you dead
If they catch you, eyes on you, it don’t matter if you cared
A couple killers been retired, man, they gon’ do it if I see it
Won’t ask them niggas for no money ’cause I’ma do it when I land
I was scared to show my past, I ain’t wanna lose a fan
I was stunnin’ on my block ’cause I ain’t wanna miss the chance
To catch the next nigga, tryna slide then dead
Money on the set and I missеd this last chance
When I call, you bettеr come, you better slide with the bread
Shootout with a nigga, blick him, take a bleed shower
Ain’t no phones when we slide, police tryna ping towers
“Can you tell?,” fuck y’all bitches, I want my lawyer
‘Cause y’all got what y’all got and it’s gonna take hours
I don’t know shit, I ain’t a coward
Juvenile all by myself, I want my allowance
I pleaded insanity to the court, I need cancelin’
I’m The Voice of the streets and they vouchin’ (Yeah)
Don’t believe no rumor, ain’t around them, just stories
I call your phone a million times, I’m just worried
My brother told me a million times that ain’t for me
Don’t call my phone ’bout no money, I’m recordin’
They talkin’ down on my name, they don’t know me
You know the world change when Oprah dissin’ Kobe
A lotta niggas left my side when I was hungry
They probably love me but they wanna see me boney

You know the real change ’cause real niggas sayin’ I’m actin’ phony
I’m the same nigga you tried to take somethin’, I act a donkey
And you actin’ real, I told your ass you actin’ only
You the type to carry a hundred cash and still ask for money
You the type of nigga, ain’t no rumors, you gon’ make one
You the type of nigga to drop a name, make a case come
You the type of nigga to spend your last on a lace front
You the type of nigga to say you slidin’, no, you ain’t huntin’, yeah

Lil Durk – Changes Song Details

Song: Changes
Singer: Lil Durk
Produced by: AyeTM
Album: The Voice
Written By: AyeTM & Lil Durk
Label: Only The Family, Alamo Records & Geffen Records
Release Date: December 24, 2020

Changes Lyrics Lil Durk

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