Dax – JOKER RETURNS (Lyrics)


JOKER RETURNS lyrics by Dax is Latest English Songs 2020 is sung by Dax.


Artist: Dax

Language: English



I’m sick but I already told you that’s once

That blood you saw last time wasn’t fake it’s real I do my own stunts

That gun had bullets I just got lucky I play Russian roulette for fun

That knife was trash I got it replaced it didn’t cut deep it was too blunt

That girls still here she’s sucking my dick I might of been wrong she may be the one

We’re not in love but in 2021 I’m going to let her have my son

So we can post and fake happy while our real lives come undone

And stay home and watch re-runs

But I don’t want your sympathy

Fuck your help!

Everyone’s and expert on everyone else except their fucking selves

Last time that I made a song I left a lot of shit on that shelf

Cuz I know you’re to weak to hear the truth or care about how I felt

And oh Hi comment section!

Did you know your words describe you and not me and bounce back cuz in life we project our insecurities on people we wish we could be while blinded by the fact that we’re our own biggest and worst enemies


You don’t know me, you knew me

You thought JOKER was a joke that shits my life this Eint no movie

You torment me and you abuse me

Haunt me, chase me and amuse me

I’m at war inside my mind my OPS are black they hide at night like I’m playing call of duty

I’m depressed but cancel culture causes me to say that loosely

Why do you JUDGR if your Not JUDY

You Eint my friend you’re dead to me after what you’ve done I feel like uzi

I’m done dealing with these Groupies

When they see me they Sea food I feel like sushi

Oh it’s funny right cuz it’s not happening to you

I wear a size 13 men’s there’s no damn way you could walk in my shoes

Take this pain and do what I do

While making songs that people use

To get through shit I can’t get through

While they laugh, hate, destroy, and constantly ridicule

You guys are pitiful

You take my words and you twist them that’s why I don’t want to do interviews

I told my mom I was suicidal and she cried and then screamed what the he’ll has got into you

I don’t know mom

maybe those people who laugh, hate, spin the truth and pray you fail and once you do


they start kicking you


They tried to put try me in A hospital bed

diagnose me and stuff me with meds

All it ever did was fuck up my head

They Anti depress you

Until you’re depressed again and then you depend on the pills that made you independent

What a shame

I’m stuck in a cycle

I’m the hero, villain, traitor and somebody else’s idol

I make songs about my broken heart and some about bible

If you feel depressed or wanna kill yourself I’m not liable

let me clarify and get this straight

I make songs that no one else can make

That millions love cuz they relate

Then get half the recognition but twice the hate

Then Reinvest and do it all again

At a quicker speed than anyone driving in my lane

Then I smile and wave

Work and slave

Talk to my fans everyday

While you troll and only take breaks to take a shit or masturbate

Then claim my life’s a piece of cake

Like you could somehow do it even though we know you wouldn’t cause you’re to God damn afraid

Don’t even join my circus this time I’m not in the mood

go listen to that mainstream music or whatever you friends think is cool

I’ll sit here and play the fool, while you drool

And drown inside My tears that fill

Olympic pools even Michael Phelps couldn’t endure


I’m tired of drinking and waking up on the floor

Tired of living a life I cannot afford

Tired of living my life for people who never saw me as equal who hate me and just try to ignore

No more

It’s war

I’m evening this score

Killing everyone that walks through that doors and tells me I need wings to soar

So let me take the knife the gun and stop pointing them at myself

I’ve hurt enough it’s time for you to feel it along everyone else

Society needs sobriety

We put people down for notoriety

Love in public but destroy them privately

Adding creating anxiety

Then we want LOVE and don’t get it OHHHHH THE IRONY

This was a poem I wrote in my diary

Fighting demons deep inside of me

I feel alone yet I’m constantly fighting for privacy-seeking truth while everyone I know lies to me it’s ironic cuz people who knew me the best didn’t support me until I finally made it now they wanna fake it and act like they love me when I know they don’t even like me

You Eint slick

I remember the day dude fucked my bitch

I remember rejection after rejection and going home wanting to slit my wrists

I remember that coach who said I wasn’t shit then took my fu*king scholarship

And all those kids who used to bully me because I didn’t fit in

How does it feel?

When you see me now

They say if you’re alone and fall it doesn’t make a sound

What goes up must come down


You get a knife and cut a smile so you never frown

JOKER RETURNS lyrics by Dax

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