Hate Me Then. Lyrics – Scarlxrd: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Hate Me Then.” from the Album Acquired Taste: Vxl. 2 (Atxnement) sung by Scarlxrd.

Hate Me Then. Lyrics – Scarlxrd

Tired enough
This shit got me hoping I get going
But I’m silent uh
Fucking with them potions had me glowing
I survided it uh
I ain’t got no motive I still do this cause I’m styling uh
All that shit in motion lost my mind but I can’t find it uh
Back on my free shit
Did a few shots but I can’t still feel shit
Going nonstop now my eyes see three shit
Boring on top had to dip the street shit
Nigga I’m ready, fuck going steady
I’m just sick of watching all the days go by
One man heavy ball pon twenty
I’ll just tryna keep my head screwed on tight
DXXMLIFE on my leg
Head to the toe all blacked out
True say I’m a trend
Hop on the wave make sure you don’t crash out
Straps stay on my chest
Heavy ass chain on my neck and it’s wrappеd ’round
Thought that drip was dead
Now I got niggas running ’round with the sauce now

Got no choicе but move in forward since they hacked and leaked my music
I go beast mode, ain’t no stalling on me or my evolution
I just listen to my calling damn, I really gotta do it
Give a fuck if niggas hating, Imma grind for my solution
Everything a nigga did, they really went and dug it up
They just point me to the slaughter house when I was coming up
They gone kick you when you down but they afraid to knuckle up
So when I hear them talk that shit, I don’t ever give a fuck

Rhyme so crazy
Tough talk give it up

Scarlxrd – Hate Me Then. Song Details

Song: Hate Me Then.
Singer: Scarlxrd
Produced by: Shoki
Album: Acquired Taste: Vxl. 2 (Atxnement)
Written By: Scarlxrd
Release Date: April 30, 2021


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