Letter To My Daughter Lyrics – NLE Choppa: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Letter To My Daughter” from the Album NC2 sung by NLE Choppa.

Letter To My Daughter Lyrics – NLE Choppa

I said this shit might be the realest shit I’ve ever wrote (Ayo, let me hear that [?])
[?] (You’re so lazy)
Letter to my daughter (Yeah, yeah)
I’m just tryna be your father (Yeah)

In the back of the Rolls Royce you came to with your shoes on
Finna cop a Rolls Royce car seat for my new born
Baby girl, you’re blessed because I know some kids who grew poor
Ain’t seen you since the week that you was born, miss you in my arms
Mom be on some complicated shit, so I don’t see you
Shе put me on the police, at thе end of the day it hurt you
Kinda hurt me too, never let life lessons break you
Evaluate the mistake and just wait on your breakthrough
All for you clover, I turnt over a new leaf
But I get the type that belong to a deadbeat
Know the God in the universe be workin’ for me
Seeing your grow up from a far tends to scare me
Even though shit got rough, I’m still prayin’ for your mama
Hope you get the chance to see my grandpa and my grandma ’cause they’re getting kinda old
And grandpa been getting sick
So Mariah if you hear this, can you please complete the win?
Please, no pity for a G
I know I got a daughter that I barely get to see it
It’s hasn’t been a couple hours, it’s been since the first week
And lately I’ve losing sleep, it’s been hard for me to eat
Last time I went to see you, went to jail on that same day
Fighting two felonies ’bout you and I got another case
If I shoot in the house that you in, take my breath away
I never put my hands on a woman, wasn’t raise that way
All I wanted a child just to have somethin’ to live for
Now I’m dyin’ just to see you, somethin’ that I’d kill for
Tryna be a cold parent turned me to a no parent
Feeling like I’m transparent what I told your grandparents
I’d cut my feet off just to see your first steps
Bad enough I wasn’t in town to see your first breath
Might not hear your first words and it’s hurtin’ me to death
Every time I try to do right I get played to the left

NLE Choppa – Letter To My Daughter Song Details

Song: Letter To My Daughter
Singer: NLE Choppa
Album: NC2
Written By: NLE Choppa
Release Date: June 20, 2021

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