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Motorboat Lyrics Tory Lanez

Motorboat Lyrics Tory Lanez

Yeah Yeah Yeah


Yeah I’m straight off the motorboat

I got b*tches that going for going dope

that breaks a brick down and sells the brick door to door

Pour a 4 on my b*tch then roll it up

I got the act so you know that im going up

I got rich on these n*ggas

stop acting like b*tches but if its a fade we can throw it up

I got rich and my baby momma started tripping

like how she started throwing up

had to shine like a chain when its glowing up

gang and I’m going you know if i got the banger im blowing


im straight off the motorboat

f*ck the strip club that sh*t had me going broke

i got a family to feed I can’t damage my seed

and be throwing this money on so and so

I got n*ggas thats with me and they gang and they ganging

we f*ck with gorillas no fillers no hangers


Some n*ggas is talking they don’t f*ck with us

but why is you n*ggas still chilling still hanging

Im back and we gang and we ganging

My monkeys are orangutan’ing

they look like the klan with the bandanas hanging

Im up at the places they let me bet it

I hopped out the drop I will never be stranded

I roll with my b*tch she realer than n*ggas

I roll up the grab leaf thicker than swishers

And I’m going to get mine of the motorboat

you know we going gold

you know its toe to toe

I got the 44

Boy you baby know you lil Jodie Joe

What the f*ck you think I did on nights when I ain’t had it?

I had to act like it was crack but I sold him soap

I had it hard for real

Hate on them nights when i starved forreal

F*ck the rejection from all of those people, from all of those nights I’m scarred for real


Nights when i slept in the studio with my partners

They never will know what it took for what we got

p*ssy n*ggas out he stepping to taking the revenue

but i clocked them with the box

I would rather go buy a brick and bust it before I buy a random girl a Birkin

I’m on the strip and I clickty clutch it and case these n*ggas want to try me in person

tell me how you want to go bout it

Got the Bentley Im whiling the soul out of it

This a new your sh*t is the old body

I got the black youngstas, with the Moneybags, and set I’m feeling like Yo Gotti

I was down on my d*ck

spent all my time on the strip

I couldn’t buy me a whip

But I had b*tches to drive me and sh*t

n*ggas they left me to die in this sh*t

But I’m back from the corner I’m buying this sh*t

I’m so rich i may f*ck round and buy me a b*tch

My left wrist so rocky my right wrist on glacier applying the drip

Go run the service up

I was raised around the killers and murders

Had to back out the exits you know double o

You know them racks is the current note

We bout to burn it up

I got a plate inside of that b*tch and you know I’m going to burn it

We got the popping and lighting the kernel up

I’m on a mission to get it lil  b*tch i don’t want to cuddle up naw



I just got tired of being broke

I just got tired of sleeping on the floor

I had to face it I was on all alone

I had to run and go get the dough

Them shooters running, you going hit the floor

I want to never go broke

Switch the end and get that sh*t for the low


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Song: Motorboat

Artist: Tory Lanez

Language: English

Motorboat Lyrics Tory Lanez.

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