Ridin Shotgun Lyrics – Adam Calhoun : Presenting the lyrics of the song “Ridin Shotgun” from the Album Pressure sung by Adam Calhoun.

Ridin Shotgun Lyrics Adam Calhoun

Ridin Shotgun Lyrics – Adam Calhoun

I got a chip on my shoulder the size of a brick of coca
I’ve been fuckin’ gettin’ it, you just sittin’ on a sofa
Make sure the clip falls so I unload on my opposers
I keep my grass trimmed so I can expose the cobras
Snakes in the grass, they don’t wanna throw hands
This rap s**t it ain’t payin’, so they make on onlyfans
I ain’t talkin’ bitches, I’m talking ’bout this rap dudes
But dudes acts like bitches this days
That’s you, the shoe fits, wear it

Adam Calhoun – Ridin Shotgun Song Details

Song: Ridin Shotgun
Singer: Adam Calhoun
Album: Pressure
Written By: Adam Calhoun

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