Snow Flower Lyrics by BTS, V Feat. Peakboy is Latest English Songs 2020 is sung by BTS, V Feat. Peakboy.

Snow Flower BTS Lyrics (Feat. Peakboy)


Snow Flower BTS Lyrics




Snow Flower BTS Lyrics (Feat. Peakboy)

Hey snow

It’s coming today

What should I prepare?

Ok, I’m ready to welcome you


Fallin’ on canvas

You can cover it up

I’ll give you the world

In the cold season

You coming is the special event for me

My blue and grey

Your warm will melt (o-o-oh)

Christmas without you would just not be Christmas at all

Bright mistletoes up above us, it’s just you and me

(I love you)

The whole world is full of white flowers

Make our time even more special (eh-e)

In the dead of time

May the flowers fall on your sad smile (e-e-eh)

When the world turns beautifully white

I’ll spread those faded colors with you

There’s a lot of white angels here and there this year

Take a deep breath and look at those flowers that look like you

Feel the warmth next to me

I want you to hold me with your beautiful hands

I’ll keep you safe

I’ll spend the rest of my life in your white eyes

Did you see the snow?

Like your eyes

Believe in Santa Claus?

Warm with you

I’ll take the gift

Every time this season comes, like the tip of your nose

Fall in love

I’m just feeling

Stand by my side

I’ll match your footsteps

I’ll sing this song

(You make me wanna be a better man)

The whole world is full of white flowers

Make our atmosphere deeper

Under a stopped street lamp

May your smile bring down flowers (yeah-e)

Song: Snow Flower ( Snow Flower BTS Lyrics )

Artist: BTS, V Feat. Peakboy

Language: English

Snow Flower BTS Lyrics 💗

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