Stick Up Skit Lyrics – DMX: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Stick Up Skit” from the Album Exodus sung by DMX featuring Icepick, Cross (Rapper) & Infrared.

Stick Up Skit Lyrics – DMX

(Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind)
Yo, yo nigga, you wanna see somethin’? (Up in here, up in here)
See what?
You see my two niggas right there on the wall?
(Y’all gon’ make me go all out)
Watch this, nigga (Up in here)
This is a motherfucking stick-up, niggas
Lay yo’ ass on the motherfuckin’ floor
All the bitches get on the left
All the niggas, on the motherfuckin’ right
And the handicapped, get your ass in the motherfuckin’ middle
And if you move I’ll pump one in your motherfuckin’ ass
And if your ass got heart trouble, lean your motherfuckin’ ass up against the motherfuckin’ wall

Stick Up Skit Lyrics – DMX Song Details

Song: Stick Up Skit
Singer: DMX
Featuring: Icepick, Cross (Rapper) & Infrared
Produced by: Swizz Beatz
Album: Exodus
Written By: Neo Da Matrix, The Cross, Infared & DMX
Label: Def Jam Recordings
Release Date: May 28, 2021

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