Under The Mistletoe Lyrics – Kelly Clarkson : Presenting the lyrics of the song “Under The Mistletoe” sung by Kelly Clarkson featuring Brett Eldredge.

Under The Mistletoe Lyrics – Kelly Clarkson

Every time I look around
This room, my eyes they tend to
Fall on you and I confess
Nothing but you makes sense
Memories fill my heart
And I can barely keep my tears
From falling, oh, I want your love
Do you ever think of us?
Is it too late, too late to open up?
I’m dying to say, oh, how I love you
You’re walking towards me now
What am I gonna say?
Push my pride aside
When I close my eyes
It’s just you and I
Here under the mistletoe
Magic fills the air
Standing over there
Santa hear my prayer
Here under the mistletoe
All I want, hey
All I want, hey hey, yeah
All I want, hey, yeah
Is under the mistletoe
Oh, everything I try to keep you
From gettin’ inside
Works until I see your face
I linger hopin’ you might stay
Wrapped up in your arms is where
I wanna spend my nights…

Under The Mistletoe Lyrics – Kelly Clarkson Song details

Song: Under The Mistletoe
Singer: Kelly Clarkson
Featuring: Brett Eldredge
Release Date: October 28, 2020
Under The Mistletoe Lyrics

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