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project: Bin Reaper 3: New Testament (2023)
BABYTRONForever $cams
Next Level 2
Golden Child
Gimme Dat
Mr. Hanky
Remote Control
RIP Hutch
Mike Amiri Monster
Vintage Tron Pt. 1 / Vintage Tron Pt. 2
Euphoria 2
Sunday School
Dirty Draco
Zap Zone
Ricky Henderson
Waffle House
Mainstream Tron 2
100 OVR
For Morant
You Would’ve Thought
2 EA$Y
Tronalation 28:27
I Can’t Call It

James Johnson III (born June 6, 2000), known professionally as BabyTron, is an American rapper from Ypsilanti, Michigan. He is a member of the rap group ShittyBoyz. BabyTron has become known for his distinct fast-rapping Detroit-style rap.


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