Nirvana – Endless, Nameless Lyrics

Endless, Nameless from Nirvana (1991) album “Nevermind“. Endless, Nameless Song written by Kurt Cobain and Produced by Butch Vig. The song was released on 24 September, 1991.

Endless, Nameless Lyrics

SilenceHere I amHere I amSilentBright and clearIt’s what I amI haveDiedMotherNo másNo másMamáDeathIs what I amGo to hellGo to jailIn back of thatCrimeHere I amTake a chanceDeadDie


Song Title: Endless, NamelessArtists: NirvanaWritten By: Kurt CobainProduced By: Butch VigRelease Date: September 24, 1991Music Label: Sub Pop Records & Geffen Records


“Endless, Nameless” is a song by the American rock band Nirvana, the meaning of the song is not entirely clear, but it is believed to have been a spontaneous improvisation by the band during the recording session for the album. The song features heavy use of feedback, distorted guitar and drums, and Cobain’s shouted vocals. The lyrics are largely unintelligible and the song has a chaotic, dissonant and abrasive feel to it. Some interpretations of the song suggest it as a representation of the band’s frustration, rage and anger towards the music industry and the commercialization of their music.


“Endless, Nameless” is a song by the American rock band Nirvana, which was included as a hidden track on their 1991 album “Nevermind.” The song was added as a hidden track after the final track on the album, “Something in the Way” ends, and it was not listed on the album’s track listing. The song was recorded during the recording session for “Nevermind” and it was not intended to be included on the album, but the band decided to include it as a hidden track.The song is an improvised instrumental piece that features heavy use of feedback, distorted guitar, and drums, and Kurt Cobain’s shouted vocals.”Endless, Nameless” is considered as a fan favorite and one of the most experimental and raw tracks from the band. It’s not played live very often but when it was, it was considered a powerful and intense moment in the concert.


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