On Time Lyrics by Metro Boomin & John Legend

Metro Boomin and John Legend Lyrics

The first track on Metro Boomin’s sophomore album Heroes & Villains is ”On Time” featuring John Legend, read the lyrics to ”On Time” below: this song was also accompanied with vocals from Morgan Freeman and A$AP Rocky.Heroes & Villains Album Cover ArtMetro Boomin & John Legend – On Time LyricsIntro: A$AP Rocky
Listen (Listen)
Every story need a superhero and a villain
Now, introducing
Metro motherfucking Boomin, nigga (Metro motherfucking Boomin, nigga)Verse: John Legend
Ah, yeah
They pray for the day that I lose it
But God gave me the power to use it
May’ve waited a while, but I’m on time, yeah
I glide through the rain and the fire
Take no days off, can’t retire
Know you waited a while, but I’m on time
Oh, I’m on time, hey
Know you waited a while, but I’m on time
Oh, I’m on time, on time
Know you waited a while, but I’m on timе
(Time, time)
(May’ve waitеd a while, but I’m on time)
(May’ve waited a while, but I’m on time)Spoken Word: Morgan Freeman
You know what they say
If Young Metro don’t trust you
Motherfucker, you better runOutro: A$AP Rocky
All the villains is grinning, all my niggas is winning
Must I remind you one more time? Must I remind you niggas?
I gotta tell you niggas again
We gotta show them niggas again
We gotta—, we gotta—, hold on (P)
I’m done
I am done apologizing, I am done being persecuted for my strength
You people should be thanking Christ that I am who and what I am, because you need me
You need me to save you, you do
I am the only one who possibly can
You’re not the real heroes; I’m the real heroRead Other Latest Music Lyrics HereGet Fresh updates as they drop via Twitter and Facebook


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