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Find Hope
this is a track by Phora

I, hum, you know
I feel like this important because people can relate
I feel like there’s a lot of people out there who feel like, they don’t, they don’t wanna keep going
I feel you, I’m there too with you
You learn to smile through the pain
You learn to trust in the people you love
You learn that life will always change
And it’s okay ’cause even on your best days, I understand that it’s hard to hold hope (Hope)
Tears in your eyes, feelin’ low, I know it’s hard to hold on (On)
See if all we truly have is ourselves
Why should their opinions weigh you down?
Tears runnin’ down your cheek until you drown
I just pray you find love (Love)
A love for yourself that’s not comparable to anything else
Sometimes it’s hard to cry for help
But it don’t matter what they say, just have hope in yourself
I might not feel the same pain that you felt
But I know what it’s like to be so damaged you start hurtin’ yourself
See, I’m a man, not perfect
A stone stole from worthless
I came up from a city where they say we have no purpose
And funerals the only time we ever visit churches
We grow up without no one, there’s a world without this hurtin’, all this pain
They love to blame our generation
Too many friends I had to bury over confrontations
We all lost, deep in our hearts, we need some liberation
And free our children locked in cages and it’s freedom nation
Lord, if you hear me, save my soul when I pass on from this life
Hear my pain not my sins, I know I try to do it right
For the kids with their ambitions, dreamin’ bigger than they’re told
I hope they see that I did it and know they can do it if they find hope (Hope)
Tears in their eyes, feelin’ low, I know it’s hard to hold on (On)
But you can find hope
It’s so like amazing, it makes me so grateful that I’m still able to like
Even after bein’ stabbed, even after bein’ shot
Like I have no breathing problem, that I’m able to stand and
And I’m able to like, to look at you without anything
Like really wrong
It just made me appreciate you know, life
‘Cause I was only fifteen when I almost left this earth
My momma’s cryin’ tears in the hospital but still she had hope (Hope)
Tears in her eyes, cryin’ God, beggin’ me to hold on (On)
And I’ll never forget the way it felt
In and out of consciousness, a voice cryin’ for help
I didn’t wanna leave this soon, I had to tell myself to have hope (Hope)
But I was bleedin’ from inside
Tryin’ not to go, I couldn’t breathe but still I tried
All I heard was somethin’ tellin’ me to stay alive, just have hope (Hope)
Blood in my eyes, heart slowin’ down, tryna hold on (On)
I’m only here today because I had hope (Because I had hope)

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Songwriter (s): Phora

Marco Anthony Archer (born October 11, 1994), better known by his stage name Phora, is an American rapper from Anaheim, California. In 2011, he founded his own record label, Yours Truly


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