Smoking on my Ex Pack Lyrics

Smoking on my Ex Pack Lyrics

Roll the clip and run it backI’m really like thatI’m really not friendlyI need my credit, niggas hate thatI need the numbers, I need the dataGot you talkin’ crazyAbracadabra, you niggas SideshowI’m Bobbin’ like SideshowYou gassin’ like TexacoInfection like microbeYou texted, “I might go”You push it, I might popI’m fuckin’ on heart-throbsI got your favorite rapper blockedI heard the dick was whackYour favorite athlete screamin’, “Text me back”I make no exceptionsThe lesser part of me loves all the capHe scrеamin’, get back togetherI’m scrеamin’, “Back of the bus, trick”Hawai’i for weatherBooty softer than leatherThese hoes is featherweightI wipe my phone in case you don’t, might beat the caseThem ‘hoe’ accusations weakThem ‘bitch’ accusations trueYou hatin’ from nosebleeds, I wish you wellSmokin’ on my ex pack tonightSmokin’ on my ex pack tonightSmokin’ on my ex pack tonightSmokin’ onYou can trust in me”I can-“, you said “I can trust in you””I can, I can”You can trust in meYou can, you canOoh, oh-oh

Details About Smoking on my Ex Pack Song

Song Title: Smoking on my Ex PackArtist: SZAWritten By: SZA, Jay Versace, Skip Scarborough & Raina TaylorProduced By: Jay VersaceRelease Date: December 9, 2022Music Label: Top Dawg Entertainment & RCA Records

Knowledge & Facts

Smoking on my Ex Pack” track from second studio album “SOS” by American singer-songwriter SZA, and this album is SZA’s first full-length album in 2022 after Ctrl (Deluxe).There are total 23 tracks in SOS album, was released on 9 December, 2022.

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