SZA – SOS Lyrics

SOS Lyrics

(Last night I cried)Give me a second, give me a minuteNah, lil’ bitch, can’t let you finishYeah, that’s right, I need commission on mineAll that sauce you got from meAll that shit I gave for freeI don’t want it back, want it backThis ain’t no warnin’ shotIn case all you hoes forgotKnow you been more than lostWithout me, I’m soComin’ like I’m so greasyEx-nigga, he so needyPunk ass tried to replace me, but the stakes just too highThey can’t survive off mini-me’sI’m talkin’ pedigreeAin’t no writers, that’s just meAin’t no spiteful, I’m just TCan’t hate a bitch for freeTalkin’ I’m off the bench like BradyI’m pressin’ niggas like KD, it’s upYeah, nigga, it’s up to meRemind you of Dеlla ReeseSo classic, that ass so fat, it look natural, it’s notI talk bullshit a lotNo more fuck-shit, I’m doneDamn right, I’m thе oneDamn right, I’m the oneComin’ back, she so candidComin’ back, snatched like banditComin’ back, this ain’t canned shit, I’m organic with my fresh squeezeI’m dumpin’ like press squeezeI’m horny like, “Suck these”, so darin’ like, “Touch me”And all the petty shit asideAll the phony shit asideI just want what’s mineMine, ohI just want what’s mineThis ain’t no warnin’ shotIn case all you hoes forgotAnd I cried and criedSaid what’s on my mindOoh-oh-woah-woah, I cried

Details About SOS Song

Song Title: SOSArtist: SZAWritten By: SZA, Jay Versace, Gabriel Samuel Harderman & Rob BiselProduced By: Jay VersaceRelease Date: December 9, 2022Music Label: Top Dawg Entertainment & RCA Records

Knowledge & Facts

SOS” track from second studio album “SOS” by American singer-songwriter SZA, and this album is SZA’s first full-length album in 2022 after Ctrl (Deluxe).There are total 23 tracks in SOS album, was released on 9 December, 2022.

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