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Tokyo Ghoul Anime (東京喰種トーキョーグール)

Episode 1

  • Kanji Name: 悲劇
  • Romaji Name: Higeki
  • English Name: Tragedy
  • Directed By: Morita Shuuhei
  • Written By: Morita Shuuhei
  • Air Date (Japan): July 04, 2014
  • Air Date (US): March 25, 2017

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 1 Synopsis

The intruder is reported to the 20th Precinct’s Aquaville and is mistaken for a ghoul. CCG will be sent immediately. In Aquaville, a naked female ghoul feeds on a pile of corpses. She is interrupted by a masked man who has orders to arrest her. Frustrated that her meal is interrupted instead of being threatened by a female ghoul, they are confronted before stealing the masked man’s tongs before taking off and angering him. A woman-eater throws tongs from the roof of a building.The next day, Ken Kaneki, an ordinary college student, was sitting at a coffee shop with his best friend, Hideyoshi Nagachika. Hide teases Kaneki about his unrequited love and inexperience until he calls the waitress. After taking the order, Hide asks for the name of the waitress and she introduces herself as Touka Kirishima. After seeing what she looks like, Hide thinks Kaneki has missed his chance with her, after which she quickly leaves. Left alone, Kaneki reads Black Goat’s Egg and realizes Rize is reading the same book… She notices him too. Later that night, Kaneki calls Hide to inform him that he and Rize have an upcoming date at a bookstore. Pass in front of the Aqua Building. They argue about ghouls and their worthlessness because they consider them worse than animals.On dates, we go to restaurants and discuss our favorite authors. Kaneki comments that Rize doesn’t eat much, Rize explains that she’s on a diet, apologizes for going to the bathroom, and Kaneki looks down at the food she barely touches. She confided in Kaneki that she was scared to live near where all these ghoul-related crimes were happening, so Kaneki comforted her and told Rize to take her home. Kaneki tells Rize about his life and has only told Hide about his past and feels comfortable around her. Bending over, the waitress Touka comes in with her friend and looks at her suspiciously before moving on. Alone, Kaneki asks Rize to see him again, and things seem to be going well. Kaneki blushes and confesses her affection, and Rize hugs Kaneki and bites her shoulder. In sadistic glee, Rize attacks Kaneki with her Kagune and corners him at a construction site. is crushed by a falling steel beam.Kaneki is taken to the hospital where Rize’s organs will be transplanted. When he wakes up, his left eye unconsciously turns red and black. While he was recovering, his nurse and Dr. Kanou worried about his lack of appetite. Kaneki has stated that his food has started to taste bad since the incident, but his doctor assures him that there is no physical problem and that it is probably a mental one.After being released, Kaneki returns home thinking something’s wrong since the incident, just like a dream. I’m telling you that I brought a hamburger. Sitting on his bed is a television program in which ghoul experts explain ghoul biology. Kaneki panics and eats everything, shortly after which he vomits. Meanwhile, Hide has tried to contact Kaneki many times, but the latter ignores his calls and doesn’t show up at the door. Hide and Kaneki have been best friends since childhood, although Hide’s classmates don’t think such a person is worth caring about. Kaneki listens to Hide’s message, and the news of Takatsuki’s autograph session is enough to wake him up from his bed.Kaneki has an emotional breakdown. suffers from depression and wanders the streets fighting a thirst for human flesh. He follows a delicious scent that reminds him of his mother’s cooking until he comes across a ghoul eating a corpse. Kaneki fears that he has been drawn to the stench of dead meat, but the ghoul introduces himself as Kazuo Yoshida and intends to share food before being killed by Nishiki Nishiki. Angry at the ghoul, he attacks Kaneki next. Touka intervenes and she and Nishiki bicker over territory before a fight erupts It ends quickly and Nishiki flees.Source & Copyright ©: Fandom


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