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Episode 1

  • Kanji Name: Noman’s Land
  • Romaji Name: Noman’s Land
  • English Name: Noman’s Land
  • Air Date (Japan): January 07, 2023

Trigun Stampede Episode 1 Synopsis

No Man’s Land, a scorching hot planet. Humans live in a barren land of sandstorms, crushing their flesh and blood, relying on the Factory, the only bioenergy reactor that can produce water, food, and resources. In this harsh world, there is a troublemaker named Humanoid Typhoon, a storm of people with a bounty of 6 million USD for his head, who is sure to bring disaster to anyone involved. him. It’s called Vash the Stampede.Roberto De Niro, a veteran reporter for the Bernardelli News Agency, and Meryl Stryfe, a rookie reporter, investigate the truth behind a “series of factory robberies” when they meet a man claiming to be self-proclaimed is “Vash”…? A series of unpredictable troubles and adventures across the planet are about to begin!Source & Copyright ©️: Fandom


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