Trippie Redd – Free Rio Lyrics

Free Rio track from Trippie Redd’s (2023) album “Mansion Musik“. Free Rio Song written by Trippie Redd, Bosley, Rott and Produced by Bosley, Rott. The song was released on 20 January, 2023.

Free Rio Lyrics

(Bosley)Gettin’ to the paper, that’s my passion1400/800 Inc., we gettin’ cash, bitchOnly like fuckin’ on bitches fat assesCall me the reaper, we smokin’ ashesFuckin’ top tens, yeah, you know I’ma bag itYeah, I’m fuckin’ twin sisters, bitch, you know that they the baddestWant it all to yourself but you know that I done had itWanna beat that pussy dead, raw, yeah, it’s in a casketI just bought Balenci’ now I’m walkin’ in the mansionBoy, don’t play with me, that switchy get to spittin’ automaticI don’t give a fuck ’bout what you said, lil’ hoeIf you talk down on the gang, you gonna beg, lil’ hoeI heard shawty tryna ride, get on the pegs, lil’ hoeBorn in crime, homicide, leave you dead, lil’ hoeThe world through my eyes is infrared, lil’ hoeThe killers in the streets goin’ fed, lil’ hoeLivin’ in a world where everybody hella streetEverybody got a heat, everybody want beefEverybody pussy, nigga, everybody sweetSwear to God, you don’t want no smoke with meYeah, it’s the big bird, bitch, I got issuesIt’s the middle of the summer and my neck got a iglooBarrel of the drum stare at you and it’ll end youI ain’t sneeze but I’m blessed, wipe me down, I need a tissueI’m Trippie, bitch, I’m slimed outIced out bitch with your girl on my dickIced out bitch with your girl on my tipThe opps want me but my Glock wanna kissSlow down, ridin’ ’round, four deep, every choppa got a hundred roundsIf I catch a opposition, I’ma have to take ’em downLike the special opps, bitch, catch a opp and tango down (Tango down)I love money counters, bitch, I love the paper soundComin’ from the trenches, when I’m in ’em, safe and soundUsed to love the beef, I love gettin’ paper nowDon’t use GPS, bitch, I’m on the paper routeComin’ from that place where it’s hard to make it outIf it’s smoke, want war, nigga, we could face it outGot your bitch suckin’ dick and I ain’t into makin’ outIf you scared, go to church, nigga, bring the devil outGettin’ tired of you niggas, MichelinSeein’ all you niggas droppin’ but nobody metnion’ itI just sold out twenty thousand people out in MichiganI just made it out the hood, nigga, I ain’t missin’ itKeep it player with these hoes, nigga, I don’t miss a bitchAnd you know I’m Big Redd, nigga, just like some licoriceI just bought a Rolls-Royce, don’t that mean really rich?Walk around with 1400 hoes on my damn dickEverybody sick, nigga, everybody (Achoo)Everybody sick, nigga, everybodyEverybody sick, nigga, everybodyEverybody sick, nigga, everybodyEverybody sick, nigga, everybody (Achoo)Everybody sick, nigga, everybodyEverybody sick, nigga, everybodyEverybody sick, nigga, everybody (Bosley)Buy MP3 “Mansion Musik Album”


Song Title: Free RioArtist: Trippie ReddWritten By: Trippie Redd, Bosley & RottProduced By: Bosley & RottRelease Date: January 20, 2023Music Label: 1400 Entertainment & 10K Projects



Free Rio” is the eighth track from fifth studio album “Mansion Musik” by American rapper, singer and songwriter Trippie Redd, and this album is Trippie Redd’s first album in 2023.There are total 25 tracks in Mansion Musik, was released on 20 January, 2023.You can buy MP3 album on Amazon “Mansion Musik MP3


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