Trippie Redd – Goodfellas Lyrics

Goodfellas track from Trippie Redd’s (2023) album “Mansion Musik“. Goodfellas Song written by Trippie Redd, Nardo Wick and Produced by Nadddot, Bosley. The song was released on 20 January, 2023.

Goodfellas Lyrics

Fuck them up, yeah, fuck them upFuck them up, yeah, fuck them upFuck them up, yeah, fuck them upGo get ’em, fuck them up[Trippie Redd:]YeahHustlin’ out, good fellasKeep the Gucci umbrellaLot of money, Roc-a-fellaOut the bank, might fuckin’ tell herI could murder any beat, or I could kill her, I could pail herI think there’s two of me, the Gemini Manson Mendela (The fake, man down)Addicted to these blue nerds and icin’ out my neckMy brodie keep a quick drum and I ain’t talkin sketchMistеr Redd, I got white diamonds and my white gold Patеk (Yeah)See through smoking mirrors and computers like a tech (Tech)Bitch I’m from the trenches, from the hood, I keep a tech (Tech)[?] on my lens, Chanel pearls on my neckI might spin the crib, screech the tires on the setI might spin again, and again, again, again (Again)This 1942 lil’ baby, this not no damn Henn’ (Henn’, Henn’)I don’t wanna [?] hoe too, lil baby she said “say that again”.44 bulldog, hit a bitch nigga in his head (Fah)Who said I’m cool with y’all? I ain’t never wanna be friends (Nah)I ain’t got time for a bitch worth sayin’ (Sayin’)I’m the dark knight, pull up like Batman (Man)Reach new heights, I can never ever land (At all)Kickin’ shit, jujitsuNigga press your issueTwo bless bitch, need a tissueBig dog, never been a shih tzuCan’t have one, gotta get twoHe from the shit, I’m a big pooI’ma reach heights you can’t get toShe got big ass and tits tooI pray to God but I send two (Send two)I was off a bean, no sensuI was eatin’ around like DekuI’m the chosen one like GokuShe was watching me like RokuBitch I’m the one, I’ma show you (Yeah)Don’t talk to me if I don’t know youI don’t fuck with you, I ain’t gon’ hold youIf he steppin’ me, I’ma hold inI’ll never let anybody “Lil bro” youI’m a king bitch, and it’s so trueAnd I’m tryna give a hoe a sun bathThey want smoke and I love that (Love that)She was rubbin’ down where my gun atIf it’s here then it’s where it’s thund’ at (Bow)[Nardo Wick:]Fuck them up, yeah, fuck them upFuck them up, yeah, fuck them up (I’m wicked)Fuck them up, yeah, fuck them up (I’m wicked, I’m-)Go get ’em, fuck them upI’m not on what these niggas onI’m on a different type of timeI love it when she give me brainShe got a different type of mindThis drop sound like dyanmiteThis a different type of ironI pull up swingin’ two sticks like I’m a different type of blindDon’t got a beep, you hear me comin’, supercharge loud as hellI get a different type of money, you can look at me and tellARP and Glock 19, that’s my favorite personnelPut this shit all to the back, do that boy like RaphaelShe say I’m a bad boy, I’m not really a good fellaHe shouldn’t have never did that, don’t feel sorry for that fellaHe play with us, he gonna die, I’m something like a fortune tellerCatch him on the wrong side, step on him like a bike pedalFuck them up, yeah, fuck them upFuck them up, yeah, fuck them upFuck them up, yeah, fuck them upGo get ’em, fuck them upBuy MP3 “Mansion Musik Album”


Song Title: GoodfellasArtists: Trippie Redd & Nardo WickWritten By: Trippie Redd & Nardo WickProduced By: Nadddot & BosleyRelease Date: January 20, 2023Music Label: 1400 Entertainment & 10K Projects



Goodfellas” is the eleventh track from fifth studio album “Mansion Musik” by American rapper, singer and songwriter Trippie Redd, and this album is Trippie Redd’s first album in 2023.There are total 25 tracks in Mansion Musik, was released on 20 January, 2023.You can buy MP3 album on Amazon “Mansion Musik MP3


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