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Vory, DJ Drama & French Montana Lyrics

Project Baby (Remix)
this track by Vory, DJ Drama & French Montana features Conor McGregor

[Intro: French Montana, DJ Drama, Vory]
Vory, what up? (Vory, what up?)
You know what it is (You know what it is)
When you hear that (When you hear that)
Haan (Haan)
Coke Boys
Yeah (Montana)
Gangsta Grillz
[Chorus: Vory & DJ Drama]
I come from the gutter, I’m a project baby
My heart way too damaged, don’t think God can save me
Bro get off them yerkies, he start goin’ brazy
Not tryna die sober, ’cause my life too crazy, yeah (Y’all not like us, yeah)
[Verse 1: Vory & DJ Drama]
Ayy, do this for my family, give a fuck ’bout GRAMMYs
I feel better when I’m with my family, off Patrón and Remy, that shit been better
Shot gon’ take it wherever if they try to end me
Know a nigga got a bullet loaded, tryna write my ending, oh (Gangsta Grillz)
Fly Ty, that’s my nigga, fuck with him, get your shirt tie-dyed (Yeah)
Flyin’ state to state with all them blues, catchin’ a Redeye
Opps been posted tryna make they move, but we ahead high
I still wish more life upon my opps even though he a dead guy (Fuck ’em, oh, baby)
[Chorus: Vory & DJ Drama, French Montana]
Yeah, I come from the gutter, I’m a project baby (Kodak, yeah)
My heart way too damaged, don’t think God can save me (Yeah)
Bro get off them yerkies, he start goin’ brazy (Yeah)
My bitch way too damaged, don’t think God can save her (Hey)
She know she protected by my ghetto angels (Git)
Baby, how do I learn to love myself? (Montana)
Oh, baby, how do I do this by myself?
Oh, baby (Talk to ’em, French)
[Verse 2: French Montana & DJ Drama]
Project baby, livin’ fast
Blues, I ain’t break in half
Watchin’ while they pitchin’ ’til they leave so I can take the stash (Ah)
Strapped in a round of competition, we was runnin’ laps (Bah-bah, bah-baow)
Told shawty, I ain’t Keith Sweat, I can’t make it last
Make it last forever (Woo)
Fresh out the bricks
My ghetto angel ain’t got wings, he fronted me a brick
She’s switchin’ for a C-note, she’ll do you like G-Money Denino (We all we got)
Have you cryin’ in the streets like Benzino (Ah)
All this shit is new to me
What’s cool to you ain’t cool to me
He told on his brother, imagine what he gon’ do to me
Left my trust at the door
Hundreds stashed in the floor
Brown bags got a lot, like Savage and Cole (Haan)
[Chorus: Vory & DJ Drama]
I come from the gutter, I’m a project baby
My heart way too damaged, don’t think God can save me
Bro get off them yorkies, he start goin’ brazy
I’m just misunderstood but they rather call it crazy (Oh, why? Gangsta Grillz)
Crazy, crazy
Baby, oh, baby
Crazy, oh, crazy
[Outro: Conor McGregor, DJ Drama & Vory]
They don’t call me shit, they just call me project baby
I ain’t gon’ lie (Yeah)
I still got a chip on my shoulder
So this year (So this year)
I’m goin’ crazy (I’m goin’ crazy)
Tried to say (Say, say)
I have given every single thing
Every ounce of my life to this craft, to perfecting my craft
And I continued to do so
And in the process, I have lost my mind
To regular society

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Songwriter (s): Vory, French Montana, DJ Drama, Boi-1da, Matthew Burnett & Young Martey

Karim Kharbouch, better known by his stage name French Montana, is a Moroccan-American rapper. Born and raised in Morocco, he emigrated to the United States with his family when he was 13. He is the founder of Coke Boys Records and its predecessor Cocaine City Records

Tyree Cinque Simmons, professionally known as DJ Drama, is an American DJ, record executive and music promoter. He is the co-founder of Generation Now, an Atlantic Records imprint with artists including Lil Uzi Vert, Jack Harlow, and Skeme on its roster.

Tavoris Javon Hollins Jr., known professionally as Vory, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He won a Grammy for his work on The Carters’ Everything Is Love and has released several solo projects including the EP Lucky Me in 2018 and the single “You Got It” in 2019


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